variant_add "Adds" two variant values together and returns the result php函数


(PHP 5)

variant_add"Adds" two variant values together and returns the result


mixed variant_add ( mixed $left , mixed $right )

Adds left to right using the following rules (taken from the MSDN library), which correspond to those of Visual Basic:

Variant Addition Rules
If Then
Both expressions are of the string type Concatenation
One expression is a string type and the other a character Addition
One expression is numeric and the other is a string Addition
Both expressions are numeric Addition
Either expression is NULL NULL is returned
Both expressions are empty Integer subtype is returned



The left operand.


The right operand.


As with all the variant arithmetic functions, the parameters for this function can be either a PHP native type (integer, string, floating point, boolean or NULL), or an instance of a COM, VARIANT or DOTNET class. PHP native types will be converted to variants using the same rules as found in the constructor for the VARIANT class. COM and DOTNET objects will have the value of their default property taken and used as the variant value.

The variant arithmetic functions are wrappers around the similarly named functions in the COM library; for more information on these functions, consult the MSDN library. The PHP functions are named slightly differently; for example variant_add() in PHP corresponds to VarAdd() in the MSDN documentation.


Returns the result.


  • variant_sub() - Subtracts the value of the right variant from the left variant value

variant_and Performs a bitwise AND operation between two variants
variant_cast Convert a variant into a new variant object of another type
variant_cat concatenates two variant values together and returns the result
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variant_date_from_timestamp Returns a variant date representation of a Unix timestamp
variant_date_to_timestamp Converts a variant date/time value to Unix timestamp
variant_div Returns the result from dividing two variants
variant_eqv Performs a bitwise equivalence on two variants
variant_fix Returns the integer portion of a variant
variant_get_type Returns the type of a variant object
variant_idiv Converts variants to integers and then returns the result from dividing them
variant_imp Performs a bitwise implication on two variants
variant_int Returns the integer portion of a variant
variant_mod Divides two variants and returns only the remainder

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